Sunday, September 26, 2010

13 and Counting

Last Sunday Bella and I said goodbye to the last of the three puppies we fostered (one at a time, with a wee bit of overlap). Before Pip, Percy & Jill, the youngest dog I'd ever taken in was about 10 months --and the oldest was ten years. It was great fun to have such bouncy, unfettered happiness around. Also exhausting.

But mostly amusing.

In order, I've fostered:

  • Theo

  • Winston

  • Blue

  • Mikey

  • Johnny

  • Skinny

  • Jasper

  • Henry

  • Mini

  • Pip

  • Percy

  • Jill

I'll share more about each over time. Next up is Jack, who I'm hoping to rename. Depends whether it's the name he's always had and/or prefers or if it's just another case of a Jack Russell being dubbed Jack at the shelter. I (re)named Blue, Pip, Percy & Skinny.

(Note to shelters: I'm available to name your dogs. )

I'm tempted to name him Russell, just to mix it up a little. I got a vote for Monkey, which would open a whole new world of names. The trend now seems to be pinning dogs with human monikers, but what if we veered off into naming them for other animals? Monkey, Giraffe, Shark?

For those of us (me) tired of "Jack," it's something to consider.

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