Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dogs at rest

What's more beautiful than a sleeping dog? Methinks nothing, which is why I'm big on tiring mine out. I'm lucky enough to have woods access near my apartment, and Bella and our guests spend countless hours romping.

Jamie brought Ellie Mae & her own sweet, scrappy (and, by hike's end, muddy) pup Lieben to run around with us for two hours this afternoon. When they all got home, Jamie emailed me the pic below of Ellie making herself comfortable on Mom's bed. Bella, for the record, is fast asleep on the sofa over here.
In honor of sleepy, snuggly pups, here are some more past pics of Bella and her friends:

I love how Bella makes herself into a little wreath. She was like that when I first met her. The lamb next to her is Mango, who stayed with us last Thanksgiving while her foster parents were outta town.

Here's Bella with Johnny. I had two dog beds, but most of the fosters prefer to share with Bella. Johnny now has a beagle brother of his own, Lloyd.

Belly in her first (& way too-small) dog bed

Skinny James --also known as Skeeter--loved to snuggle with Bella. Bella, as you can see, loves to read The New Yorker.

Majestic Blue relaxes on my unmade bed. When I first met this gorgeous boy, he was as messy looking as an unmade bed. What a difference a bath makes!

Wish I could keep posting, but no rest for me. Must get myself together. Am off to see The Kinsey Sicks with work friends and 'civilian' friends.

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