Sunday, December 26, 2010

Why I foster: Kris Ann's story

<--Kris Ann first met Artie at the Tulsa, Oklahoma SPCA in their Jog the Dog program, through which local volunteers run or walk with shelter puppies to give everybody a good workout of mind and body.

Here's Kris Ann walking the wonderful Gretchen, another member of the shelter's Lonely Hearts Club, who recently went to her forever home. :)

the first time i walked Artie he pulled me everywhere and seemed totally disinterested in me. when I showed up at the shelter the second time he waited at the gate and ran up and down his run, and jumped on his doghouse and made this deep soulful noise, like 'when is it my turn, when is it my turn when is it my turn?' and i said hmmm i thought you didn't like me.

How could this guy dislike anybody?

he is one of those dogs you may walk past if you're just browsing; he wasn't the cutest thing i have ever seen. now i rank him up there with George Clooney. i have spent time with him every time i have been there and he has stolen my heart, the more you get to know him the more his silly personality comes out, obviously i love him, and the fact that he is still a good boy despite being found running on the streets, taken home and loved for awhile and brought back makes me love him more.

Kris and her husband have two dogs already, and adopting a third just wasn't possible right now--even one as sweet and handsome as Artie. But Kris was determined to help get Artie adopted.
She knew that fostering can make the difference between a dog languishing at the shelter and going home.

I knew he needed a chance to prove he could do a good job in house after being at the shelter basicially since april 2009.

So Kris brought Artie home for Christmas thanks to Tulsa SPCA's Foster for the Holidays program. He's doing fantastically.

<----this couch is soooo much more comfortable than the ground.

it was really nice of these good people to bring a tree into the house for me. but it's really ok; it's only been a few days, but i'm used to being an inside dog already!

THANK YOU for all you do, Tulsa SPCA!!

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  1. Awww - what a sweet story! He looks like a wonderful buddy and I hope and pray somebody will adopt him soon! We are foster parents also and we love each one that comes into our home - each is special and unique! Currently we have two tiny foster puppies. Their mama had some issues and the nine puppies had to be taken away from her. "Chester" and "Clara" are about 3 weeks old and totally dependent on my husband and me. They are sooo precious and are growing up fast - we see changes every day! Thank you for fostering and for spreading the good word! Some people are hesitant because they are afraid they can't let go of the foster pets. But having three big dogs of our own (each a rescue) we know our limits. We are just loving them into the arms of their forever companions and what a fun job we have!!!